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Robert Shaw

The late Robert Shaw, called 㴨e Dean of American choral conductors," died in January, 1999. Renowned as the greatest American choral conductor, Shaw received many awards including 14 Grammy awards and four ASCAP awards for service to contemporary music. Although he did work in many genres he is particularly noted for his work in classical repertoire. Many of his classical recordings are considered benchmarks for choral singing. The outstanding diction in all of these recordings reflect his insistence that clearly projected text serves as the foundation for interpretive choral singing. When you buy a Robert Shaw album you can be sure you are getting a recording of highly regarded choral music.

Robert Shaw worked with a variety of choral goups and orchestras. The recordings here feature the Robert Shaw Festival Singers, the Robert Shaw Chamber Singers, and the Atlanta Sympony Orchestra and Chorus.

Choral Masterpieces

Ludwig Van Beethoven
1. Hallelujah from Christ on the Mount of Olives    Listen
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2. Ave verum corpus
Johann Sebastian Bach
3. Kyrie eleison from Mass in B Minor
4. Passion Chorale from St. Matthew Passion    Listen
Hector Belioz
5. The Shepherds' Farewell from L'enfance du Christ    Listen
Felix Mendelssohn
6. Lift Thine Eyes from Elijah
7. He Watching Over Israel from Elijah
Johann Sebastian Bach
8. Dona nobis pacem from Mass in B Minor
George Frideric Handel
9. Halleluah from from Messiah    Listen
10. Worthy is the Lamb Messiah
Maurice Durufle
11. Sanctus Requiem
Sergei Rachmaninoff
12. Bogoroditse Devo
Johannes Brahms
13. Wie lieblisch sind deine Wohnungen from Ein Deutsches requiem
Franz Joseph Haydn
14. The Heavens are Telling from The Creation
Hector Belioz
15. Rex Tremendae from Requiem

Rachmaninoff Vespers

Beautiful Russian Choral Music!

1. Priidite, Poklonimsya - Come, Let Us Worship    Listen
2. Blagoslovi, Dushe Moya - Bless The Lord, O My Soul    Listen
3. Blazhen Muzh - Blessed Be The Man    Listen
4. Svete Tikhyi - O Serene Light    Listen
5. Nyne Otpushchayeshi - Now Let Thy Servant Depart    Listen
6. Bogoroditsye Devo, Raduisya - Rejoice, O Virgin    Listen
7. Slava V Vyshnikh Bogu - Glory To God in the Highest
8. Khvalite Imya Gospodne - Praise the Name of the Lord
9. Blagosloven Yesi, Gospodi - Blessed Art Thou, O Lord
10. Voskreseniye Khristovo Videvshe - Having Seen the Resurrection of the Lord
11. Velichit Dusha Moya Gospoda - My Soul Magnifies the Lord
12. Slava V Vyshnikh Bogu - Glory to God in the Highest
13. Dnes Spaseniye Miru Byst - Troparia of the Day of Salvation
14. Voskres Iz Groba - Christ is Risen from the Grave - Troparia of the Resurrection
15. Vzbrannoy Voyevode - Thanksgiving to the Mother of God

Elijah (sung in English)

2 CD's - Total Playing Time [132:24]


Disk one
1. Introduction (Elijah) - "As God the Lord of Israel liveth"    Listen
2. Overture
3. Chorus - "Help Lord!"
4. Quartet: Recitative - "The deep affords no water"
5. Duet with chorus - "Zion spreadeth her hands for aid"
6. Recitative (Obadiah) - "Ye people, rend your hearts"
7. Air (Obadiah) - "If with all your hearts"
8. Chorus - "Yet doth the Lord see it not"    Listen
9. Recitative (Angel) - "Elijah! Get thee hence"
10. Double Quartet - "For He shall give His angels"    Listen
11. Recitative (Angel) - "Now Cherith's brook is dried up"
12. Air (Widow) - "What have I to do with thee" - and Recitative (Elijah, Widow) - "Give me thy son!"
13. Chorus - "Blessed are all they that fear Him"    Listen
14. Recitative (Elijah, Ahab) with Chorus - "As God the Lord of Sabaoth liveth" 15. Chorus - "Baal, answer us"
16. Recitative (Elijah) and Chorus - "Call him louder, for he is a god!"
17. Recitative (Elijah) and Chorus - "Call him louder! He heareth not"
18. Air (Elijah) - "Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel"
19. Quartet (Angels) - "Cast thy burden upon the Lord"
20. Recitative (Elijah) and Chorus - "O Thou, who makest thine angels spirits"
21. Air (Elijah) - "Is not His word like a fore?"
22. Air - "Woe unto them who forsake Him!"
23. Recitative (Obadiah, Elijah, Youth) and Chorus - "O man of God, help thy people!"
24. Chorus - "Thanks be to God!"    Listen

Disk two
1. Air - "Hear ye, Israel!"
2. Chorus - "Be not afraid"    Listen
3. Recitative (Elijah, Queen) and Chorus - "The Lord hath exalted thee"
4. Chorus - "Woe to him!"
5. Recitative (Obadiah, Elijah) - "Man of God, now let my words be precious"
6. Air (Elijah) - "It is enough, O Lord"
7. Recitative - "See, now he sleepeth"
8. Trio of Angels - "Lift thine eyes"    Listen
9. Chorus - "He, watching over Israel"    Listen
10. Recitative (Angel, Elijah) - "Arise, Elijah"
11. Air (Angel) - "O rest in the Lord"
12. Chorus - "He that shall endure to the end"
13. Recitative(Elijah, Angel) - "Night falleth 'round me"
14. Chorus - "Behold, God the Lord passed by!"    Listen
15. Recitative, Quartet and Chorus - "Above him stood the seraphim"
16. Chorus - "Go, return upon thy way" - and Recitative (Elijah) - "I go on my way"
17. Arioso (Elijah) - "For the mountains shall depart"
18. Chorus - "Thus did Elijah the prophet break forth"
19. Air - "Then shall the righteous shine forth"
20. Recitative - "For God sent his people the prophet Elijah"
21. Chorus - "Thus saith the Lord"
22. Quartet - "O come, everyone that thirsteth"
23. Chorus - "And then shall your light break forth"    Listen

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