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Kelsie Troyer

Songs: He Who Watches Over You / Saviour Hear Us We Pray / Sleepy Time / Lullaby / Psalm 4:8 / God Is So Good / He's So Great / The Lord My Shepherd Is / Brentons Lullaby / Sleepy Eyes / All Through The Night /  Angels Watching Over Me / God Is Everywhere / God Sees The Little Sparrow Fall / Father I Adore You / Jesus Loves Me / Fearfully And Wonderfully Made / Sanctuary / Little Boy of Mine / Busy Hands Busy Feet / Night Night / Can You Count The Stars / Now The Day Is Over / Douglas Lullaby / How Can I Fear / The Blessing Of Aaron

Most songs are 2 or 3-part ladies voices. Several songs are sung by children. All songs acappella

Kelsie Troyer

A lullaby is a soothing song to quiet children or lull them to sleep. Lullabies of faith also help parents share bits of truth and God’s peace with even their smallest children.

This collection of acappella lullabies was born of Kelsie’s grief of suddenly losing her first son and awaiting the birth of her second son.

"Lullabies" Kelsie Troyer