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Collections from the Cousins

Ruth Peachey and Judith King

Stories : No Pie, Thank You! - Dishonesty never saves time.  As a Man Wipeth a Dish - Boys can do dishes.  A Shared Secret - don't judge people by their outward appearance.  The Fishing Lesson - Sometimes the troubles we have are God's blessings in disguise.  Answer to a Problem - Old people have problems, too.  Watermelon Cake - A gift from the heart usually means the most.

Two cousins who enjoy a good story read more than an hour's worth of children's stories.  Especially for ages 4-12.  

Collections from the Cousins, Vol. 2

Ruth Peachey and Judith King

Stories : Friend or Enemy? - How much is your friendship worth?/Kathy's Music Lesson - Everyone has God-given talents./Flying Faith - One's dreams cannot be accomplished without faith and hard work./A Lot of Difference - Prompt abedience can be a life or death issue./Colorado , Here We Come! - Personal invoncenience should not hinder how much we help others./Delivered with Care - A job worth doing is worth doing right./Sloppy Jo - What are you thankful for?

Two cousins who enjoy a good story read about an hour's worth of children's stories.  Especially for ages 4-12.  

Benjie's Bag of Tools

Sara J. Yoder

Narrated by Fern Ebersole

Benjie has long admired carpenters with their bag of tools - one for every project.  He is looking forward to being old enough to use a tool bag, too.  Then he learns about another bag of tools, ones he already has and can use.  As the days go by, his father helps him learn when and how to use each one.

(Unabridged, 5 hours and 45 minutes, 5 CDs)

              New Children’s Recordings


"Benjie's Bag of Tools"




"Collections from the Cousins, Vol. 2"




"Collections from the Cousins, Vol. 1"




STY2001CD.mp3 CH1602CD.mp3

The Mare That Heard a Voice

The Children's Page, Vol. 1

Stories:  The Mare That Heard a Voice/To Be an Explorer/The Bell of Atri/What's a Fish Between Friends?/The Mystery of the Empty Lavoir/If It Hadn't Been for Buster

Children's stories with Biblical values read and enhanced with simple background sound effects.

"The Mare That Heard a Voice"




Papa John's Garden

Magnolia Melodies

Songs: Papa John's Garden/Why Worry When You Can PRAY/Cooperation Songs/Wide, WIDE As The Ocean/Wiggle Worm/Give Me OIL In My Lamp/This Little Light Of Mine/COLORS Of Day

Available again!  A favorite children's recording.  All songs acappella.

"Papa John's Garden" Magnolia Melodies




STY3001CD.mp3 CH3001-CH3001CD.mp3

The Drummer's Wife

by Joseph Stoll

Narrated by John Greenman

A captivating story about the Anabaptist persecution in the wake of the Reformation in the 1500s.  Adapted from Martyr's Mirror accounts.

"The Drummer's Wife"




Willie's Acquaintance With Christ

by N.I. Saloff-Astokhoff.  

Narrated by Wayne Oberholtzer

Young Willie is caught in the conflict between his humble determination to be true to his Saviour and the bitter opposition of his Catholic parents.  This true story illustrates the prevailing power of Christ's love over the bitterest of enemies.

"Willies Acquaintance With Christ"




CH1601CD.mp3 CH1109CD.mp3

O Everlasting Light

A cappella Boys Choir

Songs: O Everlasting Light/Give to Our God Immortal Praise/Holy Spirit, Hear Us/Praise/God is There/Grace Greater Than Our Sin/Near the Cross/Enough for Me/Jesus Bids Us Shine/Father and Friend, Thy Light, Thy Love/I Remember Calvary/Father, Lead Me Day by Day/In Our Work and in Our Play/O Who is Like Jehovah God?/Glory to Thee/Abide With Me

A very good recording under the direction of Anthony Hurst.  He has been a schoolteacher for many years and loves good music.  Here he works with some young boys from his school to produce a very nice treble-voice recording of solid hymns.  All songs sung acappella.

"O Everlasting Light" Acappella Boys Choir