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Read to Me Grandma

Read by Amelia Yoder

Stories:  For a Pair of Shoes by Ruth O. Kurtz/Who Failed? by Beulah Myers/Four White Rabbits by Ellrose D. Zook/A Loving Heart by Marion Ullmark/Swapping Favors by Ruth King Duerksen/A Bike to Enjoy by Alice Deckert

Everyone, children and aged alike, enjoy stories.  The stories we read and hear have a definite impact on our lives.  -Ride along with Chad as he learns that God also accepts those who have no shoes.  -Learn with Mary Beth that a loving heart is of greater value than unpatched clothes.  -Experience with Reid the joy that comes with being honest.

Grandma Meli reads childrens stories from the 1940's and 1950's. 

Amelia Yoder


"Read to Me, Grandma"