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Mixed Quartet Recordings

Somewhere in the Skies

The Master's Quartet

Songs:  Who is on the Lord’s Side?/If Ye Love Me/Maker of the Heavens/Be Still and Know/The Joy Medley/Please Forgive/Complete in Thee/May We Never Cease to Pray/Lo, My Shepherd is Divine/Prayer of the Children/With My Eyes Fixed on Jesus/GiveYou Freedom/Somewhere In the Skies/Peace Prayer/Do Not Be Afraid

We four school friends have shared a bus ride and love for singing for years. Being two sets of siblings and living close we got our heads together and decided to try making a recording. Our desire is to use our time in a way that pleases God and inspires other young people to sing. This experience has been a time of learning and fun. Our prayer is that it honors God!


"Somewhere in the Skies" The Master's Quartet




I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord

Emmanuel Quartet

Songs: Praise Him!  Praise Him!/I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord/Room For Jesus/Fierce Raged the Tempest/He Giveth More Grace/Come to Calvary/God is Able/Glory, Glory, Hallelujah/Does Jesus Care?/Sa n-ai teama/Surely Goodness and Mercy/I have Set Watchmen/Done Made My Vow/Heavenly Music/Christ is Coming/Peace, I Leave With You

A good, simple family recording from the children of the Marvin Miller family in Romania.   All songs sung acappella.

"I Love Thy Kingdom Lord"





Lord, Give Us a Vision

The Histand Quartet

Songs: O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee/In Christ Along/At Jesus' Feet/Come Ye Apart/By His Hand/We Are Ambassadors/Lord, Give Us a Vision/Called Out/Faithful Men/A Tiny Spark/Seeking the Lost/Every Corner of the World/You Never Mentioned Him to Me/Who Will Go For Me?/I'd Like to Tell All the World/Carry the Light/Into Our Hands/Go Into the World/Light Up the Fire/Keep on the Firing Line/Go Out and Serve Him

Simply songs with a mission emphasis.  All songs acappella.

Be Still, My Soul

The Histand Quartet

Songs: Come, Ye Disconsolate/Someone is Praying for You/Till the Storm Passes By/The Heartbeat of God/Tell It To Jesus/Boundless Love/He Restoreth My Soul/Soar/Children of the Heavenly Father/When God Calls His Children/The Feet That I Follow/With My Eyes Fixed on Jesus/My Jesus Has Broad Shoulders/Moment By Moment/For My Good and for His Glory/Whatever It Takes/Would We Truly Long for Heaven/Just Over the River/I Dream of a City/Somewhere in the Skies/Be Still, My Soul

Songs of encouragement from a quartet of brothers and sisters.  The recordings is done in memory of the passing "over the River" of two older friends and one little girl.

"Lord, Give Us a Vision" The Histand Quartet




"Be Still, My Soul" The Histand Quartet





He Will Carry You

Songs of the Plains

 Songs: He Will Carry You/Angus Dei/Lord Most Holy/Be Exalted, O God/Nearer, My God, to Thee/Thank the Lord/Faith is Like a Child/Holy Ground/Wedding Music/The Treasure/A Rose Touched by the Sun’s Warm Rays/Even So, Lord Jesus, Come/Bright Mansions

A mixed quartet from Kansas. All songs sung acappella.

"He Will Carry You"  Songs of the Plains