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Devotional Warm-ups for the Church Choir by Kenneth Osbeck

A little book to help prepare the choir to lead others in worship. 43 weekly, short messages of inspiration...  (softcover, 95 pages), 

"Devotional Warm-Ups for the Church Choir" $7.50

Amazing Grace:  

366 Hymn Stories for Personal Devotions

Ken Osbeck

"If you would use this book . . . you will find that you will have a deepening appreciation for our heritage in church music and a greater love for the Savior portrayed and the Scriptures enhanced." (Messenger 20040603)

“This is a must for both your home library and your church library. . . . The ideal devotional book for the church musician.” —The Church Music Report

Kregel Publications (paperback,  394 pages)

"Amazing Grace: 366 Hymn Stories for Devotions" SALE $12

Music in the Balance by Frank Garlock

A simple, but comprehensive look at the issue of music in today's Christian community. (softcover)

NOW includes a free CD(only from For the Lamb Studio).  The CD contains some music examples that will help illustrate some of the principles that are outlined in Music in the Balance.

"Music in the Balance" $13