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A Legacy of Our Heritage

Mennonite Heritage Chorale

Songs: To Thy Temple I Repair/Prayer of Thankful Praise/The God of Abraham Praise/How Great in Zion/More Love to Thee/Wonderful Peace/Sing of the Mighty One/He Became Poor/Who Am I/Ye Sons and Daughters/Lord, I Want to be a Christian/This Little Light of Mine/Holy, Holy, is What the Angels Sing/Ride the Chariot/Shalom

An excellent recording done in an 18th century church with no extra effects, etc., giving it a very nature sound. This is a SACD(Super Audio Compact Disc), but can also be played in a standard CD player. All songs sung a cappella.


Your Source for Quality Christian Music

"A Legacy of Our Heritage"  Mennonite Heritage Chorale





Mennonite Heritage Chorale