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God Almighty, Our Deliverer

Men With A Song

Songs:  Praise Ye the Lord of Hosts/Hallowed be Thy Name/Eternal God/God is Waiting/Fierce Raged the Tempest/Jonah/Delivered From the Hands of Pharaoh/Bwana Awabariki/Hold Out Your Light/The Happy Jubilee/Heavenly Music/One Thing I Ask/Traveling Home/We’ll All Be There/Soon Ah Will Be Done/Grace Be Unto You

Men With a Song is group of about 30 men who enjoy singing. Every winter they get together for 6 rehearsals and then give 6 programs under the direction of Dwilyn Beiler. 2013 is their 5th year.  All songs acappella.

Men With a Song

"God Almighty, Our Deliverer" Men With a Song