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Heart and Voice

An annual men's singing weekend under the ministry

of Faith Builder's Educational Programs.  

Rise Up, O Men of God

Heart and Voice Men’s Chorale

Songs: O Sing Ye to the Lord/What Wondrous Love/Gott ist die Liebe/There Is a Balm in Gilead/Ye Songs and Daughters/Salvation Belongeth to Our God/Prayer of the Children/Rise Up, O Men of God/Infant Holy, Infant Lowly/We’ve Got Good News to Tell/The Snow Lay on the Ground/Rise Up Shepherd/Done Made My Vow/Judgment Day/Homeward Bound/The Peace of the Lord


"Silent Night" Heart and Voice




Silent Night
Heart and Voice Men’s Chorus

Songs: Of the Father's Love Begotten/Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming/O Holy Child/Magnificat/Silent Night/Suo Gan/Tiny Little Baby/Mary Had a Baby/Christmas Angel/Shepherds, Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep/Rise Up Shepherd and Follow/Shepherds Hurry!/We've Got Good News to Tell!The Star and the Wise Men/Yule-Tide Fires/Salvation Belongeth to Our God

All songs sung acapella.