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Doctor in Rags

(A story of the Hutterites in tragedy)

Louise A. Vernon

Narrated by Fern Ebersole

Mother is taken to prison.  The Hutterites flee the estate.  The great doctor, Paracelsus, goes his way.  King Ferdinand's men take over the castle.  Michael and Gudryn must escape by night and find their way to Mother's friends in Kromau.

Through all their experiences, Michael has a haunting sense that there is something more important to life than escaping and running from enemies.  But what is it?  At long last, he finds out.

(Unabridged, 3 hours, 3 CDs)

Night Preacher

(A Story about Menno Simons)

Louise A. Vernon

Narrated by Alexander Mong

As Menno Simons studies his Bible, he begins to see the Christian life in a different way than the Catholic Church teaches.  His children, Bettje and Jan, soon discover that Menno's new preaching brings hardships.

Being on the  move constantly raises many questions and problems for the children.  Who will provide for them?  Can they have a cow?  Who are these strange visitors and why do they come at night?

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"Doctor in Rags"




"Night Preacher"