New Release - July 2015

Welcome . . .
to the web site of Sacred Choral Music. We are a small operation dedicated to making quality Christian choral music more available to the general public.

Sacred Choral Music makes its music available in two ways. The first way is through the online radio station. On this station we play a continuous stream of sacred choral music. For those who want to become more familiar with what is available in the realm of sacred choral music this would be a great way to do that. Or if you just want to enjoy great music without giving up any money (provided you have the right internet connection) this is the site for you. If you get tired of the commercials which Live365 inserts, you can subscribe to the commercial free version by clicking the link below. We receive a kickback from Live365 when someone subscribes through our site.

The second way we make our music available is through the sale of CD's on this site. You can browse our catalogue of modestly priced CD's by clicking the choral groups link at the left.


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Copyright 2007. Sacred Choral Music. All rights reserved.

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